Resistance Is Fertile



Hello there, you mesmerizing creature, and welcome to the Resistance. The time is ripe to act. We’re going to achieve wonderful things together. 

The Time Is Now


The world is ever so slowly becoming better. Cannabis is legal. It’s gaining more acceptance every day. Diversity is evolving from a buzzword to a reality. Things might not be as fluid as we’d like, but they’re transitioning into their liquid forms in ways we can actually feel.

And yet so many things remain locked up, unaccepted, unappreciated.

The time is ripe for a Resistance. When we say Resistance, we mean it as a call to start uncovering everything about you and the world you want to bring into the light.

Maybe you’ll resist the ordinary or the petty or other people’s expectations. Whatever it is, we support it. We support you. We’re going to achieve wonderful things together.  


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